Cast of Characters

Dawn of Betrayal – Characters and Locations 

The Good Guys

Raymond James – private investigator and sole proprietor of Raymond James – Private Investigations, Ray sets up shop in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles after serving with the US Marine Corps during the Pacific Campaign and Japan Occupation

Tomoe “Yuki” Suzuki – young Nisei from East LA who spent most of the war in the Manzanar camp, Yuki graduated secretarial school at Pasadena College and finds her first position with Raymond James – Private Investigations

Monica Reyes – Yuki’s best friend from the old East LA neighborhood, Monica’s father Pablo was murdered during their childhood in a dock-side union fracas

Lupe Fontanez – Monica’s old high school friend, the murder of Lupe’s father alongside Pablo Reyes bred a thirst for revenge she pursues relentlessly through her position as a Los Angeles city librarian

Moe Silverstein – chief of Magnum Studios and defender of American values in the entertainment industry, this old time Mogul hires on Ray to keep his lot free of deviant and subversive elements

Sally – Moe’s executive and personal assistant at Magnum, she holds a big soft spot for Ray and Yuki

Vivian Lane – famous Magnum actress, added to the Hollywood Red’s mailing lists in a case of mistaken identity, her attempted murder catalyzes an open-ended hunt for local subversives and their muscle

Manny Ortiz – Ray’s old service pal from the Pacific Campaign returned home to San Pedro and newly married to Veda, a green-eyed Irish lass, Manny helps Ray with assorted direct action and wet work as an aside to his job as a Homicide Detective in the Harbor Division of the Los Angeles Police Department

Johnny Eagle – former Navajo code-talker with the US Marine Corps and companion of Ray’s during the fight east to Japan, Johnny leaves the Arizona reservation to connect with Ray in pursuit of spies and traitors operating throughout the Southwest

Mack Holman – owner of the Diamond Bar Ranch in central Texas and husband of the  beloved Puss, Mack commanded Ray in the Pacific Campaign and facilitates Ray’s cross-country Red hunt

Veronica Elena Cruz –daughter of Umberto Cruz, Mack’s late farm hand, and now step-daughter of Mack and Puss, Elena provides support through her position as the newest field agent with the Tampa office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Norton – skilled machinist and lifelong friend of Mack and Elena, Norton applies his homegrown recipes for mayhem to contribute unique solutions to delicate problems

Bert Gantry – a regular screenwriter for Millenium Studios who served under Patton in the European Theatre, Bert trades intelligence with Ray as each searches out Reds on the Hollywood lots and develops strategies to run them to ground

Donovan Hardy – City of Los Angeles District Attorney, Donovan maintains standards that favor a better-developed interest in justice than his own political career

Enemies Foreign and Domestic…featuring a Cast of Thousands

The Legals – Soviet intelligence officers working under legal, usually diplomatic, cover in “residencies” located clandestinely in Soviet diplomatic missions and other official organizations, these uniquely qualified individuals ruthlessly and effectively manage the mess that follows.

The Illegals – Soviet intelligence officers who use false identities and have no apparent connection to Soviet organizations, they include Thornton Cain, a long-time Soviet sleeper and ex-Comintern agent.  With a long history of union subversion, Cain now liaises with the CPUSA underground in furtherance of GRU-sponsored espionage.

The Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA) – Homegrown traitors such as Ruthena Ginzberg, who have bought into the Communist’s lies both big and small.  As a curriculum advisor in the Los Angeles school system, Ruthie serves openly in the CPUSA while pursuing her nefarious activities related to textbook selection on behalf of her MGB handlers.

The Moles – Deep-penetration secret members of the CPUSA like Gus Shafter, head of the San Pedro local of the Dockworker’s Brotherhood.  Gus doubles as a big-league enforcer in the seafront unions and a major player in the CPUSA underground in service to the GRU.

The Fellow Travelers – Fawning zealots of one stripe or another, these include Zev Ulinovsky, union lawyer and mouthpiece, and all-round nasty piece of work.  Zev’s Watcher-from-the-Warsaw Ghetto genes and personality serve him well as he pursues CPUSA ends in full comprehension of the activities of those whom he serves.

The Hired Help – Coming from all walks of life, these mercenaries are exemplified by the Clantons, a nuclear unit of Arkansas hillbillies transplanted to Albuquerque.  This collection of junkyard dogs, Elnora (Ma), Galen (Pa) Earl (smart boy) and Floyd (dumb boy), excluding Mary (the normal daughter), all serve the CPUSA strictly for pay.

The Dupes – Not ideologically enclined, yet suckers for a slick line, light-weights like Lemme, Chief of RKO Studios, are generally devoid of any practical morality or character.  Lemme revels in the publicity associated with the ne’er-do-wells among his talent and in so doing fosters the activities of the Reds on his lot.

The Dopes, the Dolts, the Deviants, and the Defectives – Less than brilliant mopes such as Lenny Moscowitz, union flunky, and Ollie, union goon, are among several hangers-on at the Brotherhood hall who couldn’t care less what’s going on as long as it offers the occasional thrill of intimidation or the random chance for a beat-down.  Big Bertha, Shafter’s secretary, revels in union militancy that fuels the rage and related mental defects she suffers as a predatory bull dyke lesbian.


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